Friday, July 06, 2007


Digital: Vectors & Textures - Paint Shop Pro X - Click Image to Enlarge

Go to Back 2 the Drawing Board
for more information on how this was made.

I really MUST start sooner or spend less time on these so I can post before the following Friday... I'm claiming that this is still Thursday night rather than early Friday morning! /:-P



Loni Edwards said...

I love all your textures you used on this. The shadows and lighting are very effective. Nice job!

world of warcraft fan project said...

Wow, very impressive!-Pol Subanajouy

trudette said...

Very nice , love the textures.

Twisselman said...

Don, really beautiful. Lighting, color, texture... all of it.

And the camouflage piece below is inspired.

Larry Lee said...

They just keep getting better! I really like this one. My favorite part is the execution of rust on the ax/hatchet head.
And, yes you must post sooner than Friday (prior to Thursday, if possible)! ;-)

Great job once again!

(Hmmmm, I just realized I used execution to describe an ax illo)

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